The Most important thing is that you learn the kind of guitar that YOU WANT to play. With that in mind, your lessons will be tailored with your passions as a guide. Whether that means sweep picking and two-hand tapping your way through a Metallica classic, or gently finger picking a chord-melody arrangement of a jazz standard...and everything in-between!

Electric Guitar

       I cover all main genres of popular guitar playing - Rock; Pop; Metal; Jazz; Blues; Funk, etc. I also teach up to Grade 8 using the Rockschool syllabus.

Acoustic Guitar

       I also teach various styles of acoustic guitar; steel string or nylon/classical; fingerstyle or pick. Covering Jazz, Acoustic Pop/Rock, Flamenco, Delta Blues, alternate tunings, etc.

Guitar Grades:

I also offer training for graded electric guitar exams. I use the Rockschool grade books which offer;

- A varied range of repertoire

- All necessary scales and arpeggios

- Sight reading tests

- Ear training tests

- General musicianship knowledge

Thinking of University?

Instrument grades offer a great way of increasing your UCAS points


If you'd like to learn the nitty-gritty behind the music you play I can also teach aspects of music theory, including:

- Harmony and Chord construction

- Scales and Arpeggios

- Intervals and Ear Training

- Chord progressions and 4-part writing

- Classic ABRSM Graded Theory

Other Services:

During lessons I can also provide the following services: 

- Guitar Setup 

- Guitar Repairs 

- Restringing your guitar

- Help with composition and songwriting 

- Help with GCSE and A-Level Music